We all love handbags with signatures and monograms and In the late 1800's it began with Louis Vuitton and the LV signature handbag. And Everyone knows and loves the famous G's that represent Gucci. And of course the awesome F that is Fendi that has been around forever. Today a bag is almost not worth having unless is publicizes its brand with a signature or monogram on the bag. It is all about who has status in today's world.

When Coach was introduced in the early 1960's by its owners Milles and Lillian Cahn and there innovative designer Bonnie Cashin, it was similar to many other handbag lines. It started with high quality leather bags in black, brown and navy and from there Bonnie gave the line life with many new and interesting silhouettes that were made in bright colors and fabrics. This was entirely new to the handbags market at the time.

At this time Coach did not have there name or initials on the outside of the bag proudly displayed the way the “Big Guys” did. Coaches time had come and along came the optic signature handbag. People loved to carry the bag that was so special to them with the initials of the company so proudly displayed. Coach was now known as a company with monogram handbags along with its other designs.

This spring Coach has a new and exciting issue that is the new Optic Signature Carly. This bag is a sleek and versatile handbag because the sleek leather trim makes a great companion to the subtle graphic design. The bag has many pockets along with rings and clips for convenience. You also will find a zip top that insures security and comes in a lot of neutral colors.

If you love carrying a bag with a big monogram this collection is for you. Along with the Carly Design there are many more Optic Signature bags and fashion accessories.