In spite of all the buzz to the contrary on all-natural black haircare, transitioning from relaxed to all-natural hair does not have to be traumatizing. If you have worn your hair permed or relaxed for several years, appear at the transitioning stage as a formal re-introduction to the all-natural hair your momma gave you!

Every single lady who decides to go all-natural carries a one of a kind blueprint that is her all-natural tresses. No two heads are alike. Embrace the truth that what you have is stunning, not to mention a head turner.

Do You Know Your Curl Pattern?

Every single individual is born with a hair form that is all their personal. Stylist Andre Walker, developed a program for classifying certain hair forms or patterns.

Curly/kinky is Variety 4A, 4B or 4C. Variety four can resemble smaller spirals the diameter of a crochet needle, or be tightly coiled. Curly/kinky is at the greatest danger for breakage due to the fact of the curl pattern and requires constant moisture.

Curly is Variety 3A, 3B or 3C and can variety from loose ringlets to slightly much more tightly defined, spiral curls the size of a pen.

Variety two is wavy hair, with variations ranging from 2A to 2B to 2C – with 2C getting the most wavy inside the two category of wavy hair.

Straight hair is classified as Variety 1. Straight is the strongest of all hair forms and is usually tougher to hold a curl.

Lots of of us may perhaps have many curl patterns on our head! The crown could be 3b though the nape of the neck is 4a for instance. There are a increasing quantity of individuals who never subscribe to Andre Walker's curl pattern classification due to the fact they really feel that it is as well restricting, or that it perpetuates the stereotype of the “very good hair”, “undesirable hair” mentality.

We consider that it is a beneficial tool to aid us to fully grasp our hair superior. The program was not meant to reinforce old college damaging connotations.

Transition Style Strategy: Just before The “The Major Chop”

Some females are tempted to reduce all their relaxed hair off when deciding to go all-natural. Other people reduce as substantially of the permed or relaxed portion of their hair off as probable and perform on nurturing their new development – or the new hair that grew in immediately after the perm. It is ideal to strategy the large chop only immediately after you have an thought of how you want to appear and what you will appear like with quick hair.

You know your self superior than any one and can envision what you will appear like with a shorter style than you may perhaps be applied to wearing. You can also speak with a stylist to get a second opinion primarily based on the shape of your face. Try to remember, you can usually improve your quick style with lots of hair accessories – medium- to substantial-sized earrings, headbands, and colorful scarves. Your hair will develop wholesome, stunning, and stronger than ever.

Transition Style Strategy: Without the need of “The Major Chop”

Not every person feels comfy with cutting their hair off in order to transition absolutely more than to a all-natural hairstyle. A slower crawl towards all-natural hair can be achieved with twists, braids, flat twists or other designs that enables you to hold your hair length for the duration of the transition method. If you decide on to hold your relaxed hair though your all-natural hair is increasing out, be positive to trim the ends and deep situation often as the line of demarcation involving the all-natural and relaxed hair is weak and prone to breakage.


1 massive error that several females make though taking care of their all-natural hair is overloading it with lots of grease or oils. You may perhaps really feel that this is the ideal way to hold your hair from getting dry and frizzy. This is only partially correct. Our all-natural hair requires lots of all-natural moisture – lightweight, lightly applied oils – to lock in that moisture to our hair and scalp. The ideal are all-natural moisturizers that get absorbed into our hair as an alternative of laying on prime of our hair like hair grease. Hair grease with petroleum and mineral oils stop moisture from absorbing into the hair shaft. Some superior options contain:

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil

Steer clear of items with mineral oil, silicone, or petroleum which just sit on prime of the hair. Try to remember that you will need moisture that penetrates the hair shaft which will hold your hair effectively moisturized. This not only protects your hair from breakage, but aids to bring out your all-natural curl pattern.

Usually Safeguard Your Hair When Sleeping

Sleeping delivers a particular challenge to all-natural hair if you do not prepare and shield it. You want to keep away from matting, tangling and breakage as substantially as probable. Sleep on satin pillowcases or use a satin cap. You can also twist or braid your hair in large sections just before sleeping.

The transition more than to all-natural black hair care is less difficult than you consider and properly worth the work for wholesome, head turning all-natural hair.