I have often had a thin prime lip, which has been extra clear when I smiled. I had previously regarded as cosmetic lip tattooing to give my lips extra definition, on the other hand when I attended an appointment with a neighborhood Beautician about this process I changed my thoughts following viewing her just before and following images. Some of her ‘after’ images produced the consumers appear like they have been wearing quite Theatrical makeup, or like a Clown – in any case it just did not appear organic. Later, when I described this to a buddy, she told me about the non-surgical Botox Lip Enhancement process she’d been getting lately in addition to the frequent Botox therapies she had to get rid of frown lines. She stated it was a new Sophisticated Botox process, and just a couple of hundred dollars. I hadn’t noticed any distinction in her face, but following she’d described it, I could see that her lips looked good and plump, and also fully organic. So I produced an appointment to have my prime lip enhanced with Botox as well.

When I attended the appointment I was advised that Botox can be painful when injected into the lip location, on the other hand I did not uncover the process quite painful. I was not provided any form of discomfort relief, my lips have been cleaned and 4 injections produced along my prime lip (1 each and every side of the Cupid’s Bow and 1 each and every side additional along). It was a quite speedy process. I could really feel a sting as the needle went in, on the other hand it was bearable and the needle seemed to be removed speedily with no following-discomfort at the injection web-sites at all.

The way that I understood it when it was explained to me by the Practitioner was that Botox would make my prime lip seem fuller by contracting some of the muscle tissues in the upper lip location, it would slightly pull my prime lip up. I was also told that following the process I would in all probability not be capable to ‘whistle’ or drink by means of a straw till the effects of the process operate off (in a number of months time). I was also asked to sign a document to say I understood that the process is not officially authorized for Botox use. I was told the process was a reasonably new discovery about the use of Botox.

On returning residence from the appointment, I could notice the distinction right away in the mirror. My prime lip was fuller – especially when smiling. I no longer had a thin prime lip when I smiled, on the other hand it was so organic hunting that it wasn’t more than-clear and it did not noticeably modify my general facial look. As my lips did not appear ‘plumped up’ (like with cosmetic ‘fillers’) it just gave me a slightly fuller smile and nicer hunting lips. It looked like a quite pleasing outcome.

While there was no discomfort or bruising following getting the process, in the hours afterwards I encountered a down-side to getting it performed. It did not bother me that I could not whistle, and I had been warned that I may possibly not be capable to drink from a straw, on the other hand I speedily and unexpectedly realised that it was basically quite complicated for me now to drink from a cup! It felt like I had no manage more than the middle portion of my upper lip and the location above it. Although it did not basically really feel paralyzed when I was attempting to drink from a cup, I just could not use all of the usual muscle tissues I need to generally use to have a drink. When I went to drink from a cup it felt like my prime lip was hanging out more than the prime of my bottom lip and I basically spilled some of my drink down the front of me! The identical factor also occurred following brushing my teeth when I went to rinse my mouth out following brushing, a small liquid would dribble down my face or onto the front of my clothing. In the months following this process these complications persisted and I would have to definitely ‘concentrate’ not to spill any fluids when I was drinking or brushing my teeth!

I also initially noticed that my lips felt extra organic/comfy in uncommon positions when I wasn’t smiling. For at least the initially week, with a generally closed mouth, it felt comfy for my prime lip to hang rested fully more than the prime of my bottom lip. Which is not a organic appear – and if hunting in the mirror when holding my lips this way, I undoubtedly looked strange (if not slightly facially deformed!). I got utilised to holding my lips with each other correctly in the subsequent couple of days and this difficulty subsided. I also noticed that I was now capable to conveniently pucker up my lips adequate that my prime lip could now conveniently join up to my nose, and that I could make an uncommon “V” shape with my prime lip – Terrific if you happen to be into pulling faces but not eye-catching!

All round I identified the process a great, cheap and speedy repair for my thin smile, on the other hand the down sides to it – specifically not getting it quick to drink from a cup, may possibly basically make me feel twice just before getting the process performed once again. I am undecided, I guess it depends on how significantly I finish up missing my fuller smile!