Any intervention into the human organism, in particular surgery, carries threat. When it is elective cosmetic surgery, and not an emergency, threat elements should really be avoided as significantly as probable.

Plastic surgery is performed only when the patient is wholesome. In case of nearby anesthesia, blood stress have to be standard. If the blood stress is higher in the course of ear or eyelid surgery (or when operating on other components of the face), bruising may well start out appearing following the process. Females should really not undertake far more complex surgery, such as face surgery or tummy tuck, in the course of their period.

In case of common anesthesia, the patient is not permitted to undergo surgery in the course of chronic or acute illnesses (for instance, infectious ailments or when the patient has caught a cold). Ahead of the operation, blood tests, reflecting common situation of the organism, are generally carried out. In some circumstances, extra tests are needed.

Typically, if the patient is pretty overweight, plastic surgery is postponed due to the fact there is a higher threat of complications for obese folks. They should really seek the advice of with a dietitian and drop some weight ahead of undergoing a surgery. Normally, individuals come to plastic surgery specialists expecting to shed weight following liposuction. Nevertheless, it is not so: following a liposuction process, fat is decreased only in the operated places, so not significantly fat is in fact lost.

The threat of complications is also higher if the patient is a smoker. The blood flow to the skin and deeper layers is restricted hence, healing of the tissues impacted in the course of the surgery may well be impaired. The threat of complications connected with common anesthesia is also elevated. Individuals are suggested to cease or cut down smoking. If a patient smokes far more than 10 cigarettes a day, it is currently hazardous.

Ever far more individuals go for plastic reconstructive or cosmetic surgery abroad. They should really try to remember that flights are also a specific threat. By the way, it issues ladies far more than guys. Deep vein thrombosis, also named “economy-class syndrome” is connected with lengthy and uncomfortable sitting in the plane also, dehydration – excessive water loss in the physique due to dry air. Blood clots may well type in the veins and pass into the brains or lungs. The precise factors for this difficulty are not identified, but the threat elements are abundant. 1 of them is a current surgery. Other individuals: lengthy hours maintaining the decrease limbs unmoved, obesity, drinkable contraceptive devices or varicose veins. In spite of this, travelling by plane will be secure, if individuals retain to the following suggestions:

  • if probable, postpone a lengthy haul flight for various days following the surgery
  • stay clear of carrying heavy luggage various weeks following the surgery
  • drink as significantly water as probable in the course of the flight (at least 1 l / h)
  • stay clear of items that can speed up dehydration (caffeine and alcohol)
  • physical exercise and do some walking (if probable) in the course of the flight
  • inform your doctor or surgeon about the planned flight.

In some circumstances, extra implies to cut down the dangers carried by lengthy flights are suggested.