Oxygen therapies have emerged in the final handful of years as the newly recognized skin care important. From oxygen creams to oxygen spray therapies and oxygen inhalation, most spas and salons across the nation have one thing on their menu oxygen connected to offer you their client. If you are not a frequent spa goer, then you have probably heard of oxygen facials from the largest celebrity in the globe, Madonna. For the duration of her final globe tour, she touted the rewards of obtaining frequent oxygen therapies in practically every single interview she gave, even going so far as to travel with her personal esthetician so she could partake of an oxygen facial day-to-day. But aside from the celebrity endorsement, what are the esthetic rewards of oxygen?

Oxygen has unbelievable regenerative powers. For decades, physicians have not only recognized this reality but utilized it in the remedy of burns, gangrene and wounds that just would not heal otherwise. In an oxygen wealthy atmosphere, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections just do not survive. In addition, higher concentrations of oxygen trigger the body’s personal healing functions. If you are severely burned or reduce, the skin will swiftly heal in such a favorable atmosphere. It is these two really significant functions of oxygen that inspired skin care authorities to incorporate oxygen into esthetic therapies about the globe.


Did you know that in pre-historic earth, the earth’s atmosphere contained oxygen levels of up to 35%? Currently, thanks to the Industrial Revolution and deforestation, that quantity has gone down to 21%. In some main cities, that quantity is even worse- as low as 17%! The United States personal EPA estimates that the US emits 137 million tons of pollution Every single YEAR! What does that imply for our bodies? Our skin, the protective barrier among us and the atmosphere, gets hit with that pollution every single day. We are oxygen starved from our skin to our lungs. Harm will happen, and that harm will accumulate more than time resulting in really stressed, pre-mature aged skin. As an esthetician, I have observed skin that is very sensitized, breaking out in a rash when they use merchandise with any chemical components of any sort. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and excessive sun harm are also the outcome of the assault our skin is beneath.

Maintaining all of these details beneath consideration, it only tends to make rational sense that incorporating pure oxygen as a remedy into our routine would have actual advantage. We need to have to replenish the oxygen the atmosphere is lacking. We need to have it to repair harm inflicted on our bodies. And not when a year, but a minimum of when every single month. Oxygen therapies in facials and physique therapies enable combat all sorts of enemies to the skin, from pollution and pressure to the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. The process requires spraying hyperbaric oxygen, 98% pure to be precise, that is infused with a serum that includes important nutrients and antioxidants. The oxygen and serum operate in conjunction to attain and repair the skin at a cellular level, reaching optimum benefits. The oxygen and serum operate collectively to do away with no cost radicals that bring about premature aging, as effectively as market the production of collagen and elastin. Advantages abound: firmer and smoother skin, also erases fine lines and wrinkles and enhances elasticity. In addition, the rewards are cumulative as the production of collagen and elastin repair the skin and restore the complexion to a much more youthful and attractive you.

The benefits of a adequately carried out oxygen facial are absolutely nothing much less than startling as can be attested by the several celebrities that endorse them and its a single of the safest and most effective strategies I know of how to continue to appear your very best.