Girls who have undergone mastectomy can have their lost breast reconstructed by means of an successful and protected surgical process — the DIEP flap reconstruction process which is extremely advised for its realistic outcomes. Girls can obtain all-natural and softer-searching breasts by means of this breast reconstruction surgery process offered it is performed by a skilled and seasoned plastic surgeon.

Positive aspects of DIEP Flap Reconstruction Process

DIEP flap reconstruction process getting an sophisticated version of the TRAM flap process boasts quite a few positive aspects of its personal.

  • Breast contour is enhanced: Numerous issues post mastectomy such as loss of breast volume, asymmetrical breasts and congenital breast abnormalities can be corrected by this revolutionary surgical strategy.
  • All-natural-searching final results: As the patient’s personal fat tissues, blood vessels and skin from the tummy region are utilised for producing a breast mound, the outcome offered by DIEP flap reconstruction surgery process is realistic.
  • Abdominal muscle tissues are protected: A single of the greatest positive aspects of the process is that the abdominal muscle tissues are left untouched for the duration of the surgery. This final results in reduction in the probabilities of establishing abdominal hernia due to weak muscle tissues.
  • Advantages donor web page: There is an improvement in the abdominal contour equivalent to that noticed in tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery.
  • Shorter recovery time: The process facilitates more quickly healing as compared to TRAM as the abdominal muscle tissues are not removed.

Actions Involved in DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery

The 1st step entails harvesting a flap of full tissue, like fat and skin along with blood vessels from the reduce abdomen. The harvested flap is then transferred to the chest area and blood vessels are reattached by means of microsurgery in order to reconstruct a new living breast. The outcome of the process is enhanced due to donor tissues taken from the abdomen getting extremely a lot equivalent to that of breast tissues. The nipple and areola are designed by performing further reconstructive surgery.

Deciding upon Your DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgeon

Thorough investigation is extremely crucial ahead of undergoing any type of surgery. DIEP flap surgery does not suit each and every and every single patient that has lost the breast due to the fact of breast cancer. Also, sufferers who have undergone prior abdominal surgeries may well not be best candidates for the process as their blood vessels may well have been broken for the duration of the surgery. Detailed consultation with the surgeon will support clear all the confusion and doubts. Make sure that your plastic surgeon is an seasoned and skilled one particular. Take into consideration the following when arranging for this breast surgery.

  • Is your surgeon ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgeons) certified?
  • Quantity of procedures he has performed
  • The duration of the surgery
  • The variety of anesthesia
  • Period of keep in the hospital post surgery
  • Irrespective of whether care credit financing is provided
  • When can regular activities be resumed following the surgery

Make sure that your plastic surgeon is seasoned in supplying DIEP flap reconstruction surgery process and that it will be performed at a trusted plastic surgery center.